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Calvin Phan
Phone: (714) 657-3959

Web Design is a web design company specializing in: static and dynamic website. Using programming language such as ASP, PHP, .NET, JSP, HTML … along with databases Microsoft Access, SQL server, mySQL, Oracle…

Our goal is to create impressive, professional products for customers in all professions: E-COMMERCE (payment with credit cards), CLASSIFIED ADS, TRAVEL, NEWS, EDUCATION, BUSINESS, PERSONAL, ORGANIZATION, COMMUNITY … With a large, young, experienced engineers and programmers, we believe we can satisfy your needs.

Website is a main tool to introduce your products and services of your company to your potential customers before they become your real customers. A good web site is consider as a good if it can meet the following criteria: fast loading, good looking with advanced graphic design, clear structure, smart functions of new technologies such as AJAX, XML, .NET Framework Portal, Point Share Server, PHP 5.0… and update regularly in order to increase the operation of your business.’s web design service is developed to provide your business a good web site with good quality, attracting a large numbers of customers, promoting your website to become an effective tool, satisfy all the needs such as :

A virtual place of your business where your existing customers, partners and potential customers can visit regularly and easily.
A store, a new branch of your office on the Internet with less investment in rental, human resources and money.
A place to provide news and operate business 24/24 and 7 days a week.
To create the ability of competition on the market with other big competitors.
A place for your existing customers and even your potential customers using Internet to buy products online, searching for information, and create all the relationship.
A place for your company to enter modern business in the world such as: E-Commerce B2B (Business to Business), B2C (Business to Customer).
A place for your business to emphasize your prestige, qualify of service to your customers.
A place for yours friends and customers exchange information on the forum. A place you can entertain online with online music, game online, TV online, Radio online and wap service.
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